Vanilla Mari (vanilla_mari) wrote,
Vanilla Mari

Takahashi 3rd PB *____

Its not melon kinenbi that dances behind Natsumi in her new PV of Datte Ikite kanakucha! Its country musume! Why did i say melon kinenbi when i knew it was country musume cuz i saw mai! I think it was when puchiko kept saying how hot melon kinenbi was.
But infact its country musume that is dancing with her..and AYAKA! yay ayaka! I don't know who the forth chick is, theres miuna, mai and ayaka.

I finally downloaded Takahashi's 3rd PB wataame! And can we say absoulutely gorgeous! O.O
She looks so freakin pretty, the pictures are composed very well.
I wish i had Mari's first and second PB, but they got lost from my hardrive somehow and now i can't find them for download anywhere ;____;
however i did download her english lesson where she wants to run around naked on a deserted island. HOW CUTE IS THAT!
Mari yaguchi is the cutest thing ever! <3

My mom is seriously on my nerves today she won't quit bickering with me, so i told her to chill out and yell in antartica however the crap its spelled!

I have a new thing "damn you hardcore" *pause* "in the ass with a (you have to insert a new thing in here everytime you say it)"
Oh crap i mustn't forget the english homework i have to do!
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