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Now i have some excitement to look forward to for maybe the next two weeks (hopefully less).
I finished placing an order at Yesasia yesterday for 4 cd's
Eugenes latest, Clazziquai - instant pig, Brown eyes vol.2, Shinwah brand new.
Nothing beats that expierence of actually owning the cd and removing it from that tight plastic, popping it in and having that perfectly quality music pumping through your ears.

I'm thinking of ordering 4 cd's every two weeks to a month. Theres so many others i want to get, i had such a hard time deciding! I need to get Kangtas, BoA, and lee soo young albums OH and jinusean.
it was such a hardchoice, it honestly took my like 2 hours to finally place through my order.

Best yet, i got free shipping on my items! XD
My mom was thinking that my purchase would come up to 69 bucks canadian, but nope, didn't even hit the 50 mark. It's cheaper buying 4 korean cd's than buying 4 english ones right at hmv, doesn't make much sense.
I'm glad our currency isn't so dumb right now.

Mmm.. i just can't wait for these cd's! It will be so nice seeing a package waiting for me on my stairs.

The hardest part is going to be waiting for these.

I always said when i had a good amount saved i would actually support the artist i like. People just say "get the album from the net" but it's just not the same as actually owning it!
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